The book of whispers by Varujan Vosganian

BB23CBF2-63E0-4E25-8B79-86A921140B7E (1)Book set in Focsani, Romania. Reviewed on 2020/01:

The #yaleuniversitypress has this wonderful series called the #margellosworldrepublicofletters and each of these books so far has been a pleasure to discover and read. #thebookofwhispers by #varujanvosganian is no exception. #vosganian writes in a pristine, sophisticated and nostalgic way about events that perhaps he did not experience himself, but they have nonetheless impacted him tremendously. And how is that? The #armenian family, community in which he was born took it upon themselves to keep the #memory alive through their stories, through their sharing of these stories. Telling the story not as a way of dwelling on the suffering, but quite the contrary. Telling the story becomes a way to acknowledge that suffering, and voice it in our own fluctuating words in order to heal. I know this doesn’t make much sense. That’s when you need to read the book. Vosganian awakes some of these stories and voices which eventually become oral books. Genocide, persecution, killings and exile have made it a luxury to write down the collective experience and the individual stories. And despite all of that, the #armenian soul persists and lives on in its letters, in its memories, in its oral imagery. You don’t have to be Armenian or interested in the Armenian history or culture to read this book. If you believe in the powerful and healing process of #storytelling , then this is a book for you. #armenianliterature#romanianliterature #armenia#recommended #Focșani #focsani#armeniandiaspora #exile#oralliterature

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