The boys of fairy town by Jim Elledge

6DB96483-EBAD-4095-9A02-128B7C77FF98Book set in Chicago, United States. Reviewed on 2019/06:

This book felt underwhelming and repetitive to me. Despite its very long subtitle, #theboysoffairytown is almost exclusively about the boys or the #gaymen (there is only one trans woman story). I think that somehow gives these stories a repetitive and tame feeling which I wasn’t expecting at all. That’s unfortunate! #jimelledge should have extended his research and revealed the whole breadth of the era in #chicagowhich I’m sure also included lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders. Perhaps for whatever reason if he had decided to concentrate solely on gay men from the time, then he should have explained why in the introduction or also acknowledge it. This all leads me to believe that #elledge either did not do all his homework or does not think it’s possible to include in one book all the #queerstories from this part of the history of Chicago. Even the #historical aspects described here on both the city and the stories felt underwhelming and detached. But I blame that to all the amazing #nonfiction I’ve read in the last two months. If you include only stories of gay men in your book, you do NOT have a fully queer book. Period. #chicagodeserves better. So I’m still looking for amazing #queerbooks or #genderqueerlit set in Chicago. #chicagoreviewpress #anecdotes#1920s #gaychicago #fairytown#crossdresser #prohibition#gaychicagoans

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