The Brahmadells by Joanes Nielsen

IMG_3236Set in Torshavn, Faroe Islands. Reviewed on 2018/08:

As its setting, #thebrahmadells are resigned, content with life and witty. #epic stories and heroic adventures might not be regularly associated with isolated small #islands . But then again who gets to decide that. History? Society? Other countries? You? Me? #nielsen is offering 400 pages of different views on what can be considered #epic epic to whom? Inevitably a lot of people are going to arrive to this book because of the novelty of coming from and depicting the #faroeislands . However a lot of scenes specially those from #historicalevents tell a story of how much the islands do connect with the rest of the world and humanity and specially one family: The #brahmadells . I particularly enjoyed the first chapters describing the end of the 19th century in the region and the perseverance of one family. Beyond the seriousness and drama of #historicalfictionand a #familysaga , this book rather concentrates in the casual and local human interactions within this particular family and a myriad of peculiar and extravagant characters. There is a healthy dose time traveling among the different eras. But personally the most interesting part of this book was to discover the history of a particular #archipelago for which I know close to nothing and the central role its individuals play in their history unfolding every single day and continues to. #recommended #openletterbooks#joanesnielsen #jóanesnielsen #torshvan#tórshvan #færøerne #tvøroyri #føroyar

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