The butcher’s wife by Li Ang

0EADE614-BBD8-4900-AE7A-367C6D98348EBook set in Lukang, Taiwan. Reviewed on 2019/07:

WOW! I’m sticking to my #goldblatt rule and it’s definitely paying off. Translator extraordinaire #howardgoldblatt and #northpointpress deserve all the praise and respect for bringing this thrilling story to English-speaking readers. Big warning here: this book is brutal and visceral from beginning to end. #liang does not shy away from writing in painstaking detail all the #trauma and scars related to #domesticabuse . #linshi leads a vicious and harsh life at the hands of those supposedly closest to her: her husband, relatives and acquaintances. Li Ang #李昂 is not on the business of sugar-coating anything in the story. She wants you to feel as powerless and defeated as Lin Shi feels and also enraged at her family imprisonment and family abuse. Her torturer is her husband. He is unrelenting on his anger and abuse he inflicts daily on pigs and animals, but also all the daily suffering and abuse he inflicts upon his wife daily. What is she to do? Succumb to the traditionally passive role of a wife in #taiwanese #chinesesociety or rebel? I will let you read to figure out what happens at the end. #highlyrecommended#taiwaneseliterature#basedonatruestory #殺夫 #鹿城故事#pigbutcher #cursed #lukang #鹿仔港#thebutcherswife

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