The chibok girls by Helon Habila

B2756AAA-7D1E-4D8B-BEB6-BF72BC53B787Book set in Chibok, Nigeria. Reviewed on 2019/09:

The beauty of reading books that are set in relatively close distance from each other, neighboring countries or cities or towns, is that I always have the feeling that the issues spread far beyond one book. Once I finished reading #thetrialofhissenehabre which I reviewed yesterday, #thechibokgirlsby #helonhabila followed up seamlessly and in a way I was reading almost the same story from the perspective of two accomplished journalists and storytellers. Beyond the obvious similarities here (region, conflict, etc.), #habila forces the reader to also tackle with two major elements which tend to be left out in our media outlets: 1) the people directly impacted by these barbarities, and 2) the history behind outbursts of violence seemingly coming out of nowhere. These two books pledge for a more in-depth understanding at both the root causes of the conflict and the need for victims to take center stage and tell the story. Habila’s book is tiny. short of a hundred pages. However I dare you to read these pages and not become affected by the stories of these girls and entire families and villages left lost and without answers. #recommended#saharalit #bokoharam #chibok#kidnapping #nonfiction#columbiaglobalreports#firsthandinvestigation #bornostate#kibaku #borno #nigeria

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