The clothesline swing by Ahmad Danny Ramadan

DDE5FAAA-531E-491A-9223-FDB6B2BC7314 (1).JPGBook set in Damascus, Syria. Reviewed on 2019/05:

I wanted to include a quote or two from this outstanding book, but there are way too many. I want you to read and experience this story on your own. #theclotheslineswing is not for the faint-hearted. #ahmaddannyramadanmanaged to create a mysterious, nostalgic and deep text. This is #Scheherazade telling stories to one listener only: #death itself. And Death is eager to listen, to request more and more stories until your time is up. The most amazing thing that #ramadanachieves here is weaving the tapestry of all our stories together. The more he tells these stories, the more they connect, the most they show our individual and collective pains, the more they make us naked in front of death. We can’t hide from the stories anymore because there is nowhere else to go. After #damascus , #beirutand #vancouver we have arrived at the last stop. What an absolutely great book considering that it’s also his #debutnovel ! Very briefly I want to also say that #canada is the country uniting this book with the amazing Trish Salah from yesterday’s review and so many other outstanding queer writers. Is Canada perfect? Nope, far from it! But there is something to notice when so many #queer and #genderqueer books coming from there deal with the #intersectionalityof all our gender, sexual, cultural, religious, ethnic, racial and whatnot identit(ies)y. In my experience, there is no other country producing and promoting these stories as powerfully and effortlessly as Canada is. We should rejoice and demand all our stories. #highlyrecommended#genderqueerlit #nightwoodeditions#refugees #syrianliterature#queersyria #queerrefugees

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