The color of law by Richard Rothstein

IMG_6559Set in United States. Reviewed on 2017/11:

Let’s talk about government sponsored segregation, open and explicit government sponsored racist segregation which created a big part of the structured racism in the US. Richard #rothstein does exactly that in this outstanding book, #thecoloroflaw If you still believe racial segregation was merely a de facto voluntary set of decisions made by private individuals, let Rothstein burst your bubble. In less than 200 pages he presents #historical and #welldocumented evidence that local, city, state and federal regulations, laws and policies were in place to prevent #blackpeople from fully living their lives as #american citizens. The repercussions of this are still felt to this day and need to be fully understood to its #rootcauses if we aim to move forward. Although he aims to convince primarily judges and #lawmakers Rothstein writes here for a wider audience as well. His Q&A section in the back is simply a #mustreadfor example: I wasn’t born when this happened why is it important to me? Didn’t Obama create a post racial America? Do black people think they are the only minority suffering in this county? Read it. Internalize it. And share it! #highlyrecommeded#makeamericareadagain #richardrothstein#liveright #segregation #blacklivesmatter#fuckracism #americatheracist #housing#racialsegregation #nationalbookaward

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