The conspiracy and other stories by Jan Kross

Book set in Tallinn, Estonia. Reviewed on 2021/08:

 was quite the discovery for me. If you’re interested in #estonianliterature especially in stories taking place at the beginning of 20th century, he’s your man. #theconspiracyandotherstories is a collection of #estonian stories desperately trying to flee all the calamities afflicting people in the area. In these stories, the characters seem in perpetual state of escape. They have no other options. Either they run away and die in the process with their suitcases full of nothing or they stay put and also die at the hands of the new dictator of the day. #kross perfectly captures the ambiance and feelings of the #estonianpeople at the time and their survival and resilience. #highlyrecommended#silmadeavamisepäev#tallinn#tartu#eesti#harvill

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