The cost of sugar by Cynthia McLeod

IMG_6532Set in Joden Savanna, Suriname. Reviewed on 2017/09:

#yomkippur begins tonight. So I need to post early today. Here it’s my last #bookreview for Sept and the last one for the #southamerican lit series. Reading this book when half of my #jewishfamily is stranded in PR post-Maria is a relief to some extent. Just like the main character, my mom’s name is also Elsa and we are basically a lot of #sephardicjewswith very hispanic sounding last names. This book is indeed unapologetically Jewish when it comes to the ladino and religious words and rituals described. So much so that it makes you wonder how it became such a hit in both #suriname and even in the Netherlands. Once you read the book or even watch the movie, you know what’s going on. This is ultimately a great combination of #historicalfiction and #familysaga one of a kind tale. #slavery and colonialism are told here through the eyes of all the different communities and individuals that took place in this infamy whether they wanted or not, their different roles depending on who is looking and the not so expected outcomes. #mcleodultimately gives us a tale on building a country or an identity with all its members. But also we see how that identify decides to move forwards or backwards based on our own daily decisions and choices. Do we stand up against #slavery #racism or #antisemitism ? And are we willing to pay the price for these choices? Anyway if you are fasting, have a meaningful and easy fast! #highlyrecommended#thecostofsugar #cynthiamcleod#paramaribo #jodensavanne#hoeduurwasdesuiker#surinameseliterature

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