The cruise of the Alerte by E.F.Knight

56693AF4-F3C0-4BC7-BBAA-244447993934Book set in Trindade, Brazil. Reviewed on 2020/02:

If you are interested in #treasurehunting , #historicalfiction and #adventure , you need to give #thecruiseofthealerte a chance. The island of #trindade is one island among an #archipelago of rugged and uninhabited rocks in the south #atlanticocean close to #brazil . Despite being “discovered” by the Portuguese empire and belonging today to Brazil, this book talks about the period at the end of the 19th century when the islands were occupied by the British empire. #efknight wrote in painstaking detail the equipment they used to reach the islands, all the #navigational information needed to achieve such a trip and even more details on the #gentlemenadventures whi accompany him. All these exhaustive details are both the book’s greatness and weakness. You have to be the kind of reader interested in that info to appreciate it all, and to wait how it all pans out at the end. For the correct reader, the book is an adventure waiting to be read. #narrativepress #exploration #edwardfrederickknight #trindadeemartimvaz #trindadeandmartinvaz #travelwriting #alerte #travelogue

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