The dancer from Khiva by Bibish

IMG_5671Set in Khiva, Uzbekistan. Reviewed on 2018/10:

What you need to understand from the very beginning and keep in mind throughout the entire book is the fact that #thedancerfromkhiva is a #truelife story. I’m saying this because the sense of bearing testimony and compiling a written account of her #lifestory and her experiences is vivid and supersedes everything here. The #memoir of a #younggirl from rural #uzbekistan which can’t help but to dream big and pursue her dreams and passions literally #againstallodds . She has all against her: #uzbek and #muslim society, political events, misogyny, her own family. Every single disadvantage you can probably think of, #bibish had to endure them all at some point or another throughout her life and sometimes even more than once. It’s without a doubt a piercing and heartbreaking story. However Bibish writes in a very simple and casual way which appeals to readers seeking above all to sympathize and to be inspired. Personally I would have wished for more reflections and perhaps even the wise hand of an editor here and there. My personal taste though. In general, this is a great personal story which perfectly combines the particularities of post-#soviet #centralasianrepublics and a way to uplift everyone anywhere in the world. #groveatlantic#khiva #tashkent #stpetersburg #Toshkent#Тошкент #Xiva #Хива

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