The devil’s dance by Hamid Ismailov

BABE2289-BABD-4A0F-B7F0-8EB73D734BB6Book set in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Reviewed on 2020/02:

#thedevilsdance by #hamidismailov seems to be a tale about two main and slightly disconnected stories. Once you begin reading, you notice that the stories grow, intertwine and begin talking with each other ad infinitum. I’m not going to lie to you here. This book is long, intricate and it requires extra attention. The stories seem at times to merge or to separate at extreme degrees. These abrupt flows are disconcerting and useful. They help push the story to twists and dialogues which seem to come out of nowhere, and at same time seem to hide an ulterior motive. How can you possibly have twists and plots which appear to deviate from the main story and at the same time you need to pay attention to them because they might help you later to understand other stories and plots? I do not know. But I felt this happening over and over again here and I loved it. If you are interested in #centralasia #uzbek or #soviet history in the region, you should definitely give a chance to this book. I personally read this book purely based on the intricate and sophisticated writing style it clearly has and projects all throughout. #recommended#tiltedaxispress #tashkent #uzbekistan#sovietuzbekistan #uzbekliterature#thegreatgame #turkestan#AbdullaQodiriy #oxyon #ismailov#Исмайлов #EBRDLiteraryPrize#ташкент

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