The devil’s nose by Luz Argentina Chiriboga

3E4385AD-660C-4B0E-9459-FCB1C737E282Book set in Huigra, Ecuador. Reviewed on 2019/03:

This is literally the kind of topic I want to read about and promote here on my IG account. #thedevilsnose talks about a reality that some might want to hide: the plight of #jamaicans and other #caribbean communities brought to #ecuador to build ambitious infrastructure projects without any consideration of their safety, lives or future. #chiriboga calls it herself volunteered #slavery . Although I’d venture to argue how much “volunteer” anything actually happened considering their extreme poverty and lack of any opportunities to improve their own lives. I think people in general are usually aware of outside communities brought into to building the Panama Canal. What is perhaps less known is how the situation happened in other parts of #southamerica as well and here in this book specifically in Ecuador. I was thrilled to learn more through this fictional account and how it sheds light into an #ecuadorian reality plagued with #politicalcorruption and #racism . However my main problem with the text is the writing and/or the translation. I think #luzargentinachiriboga and her translator #margaretlindsaymorris are both more interested in bearing witness to this #historical chapter than allowing the characters or even the story to reflect on what has fallen upon them. The characters are taken from a situation of no hope to another reality which seems hopeful at first and then it turns into a nightmare. Page after page we are reminded of that. However we are not exposed to what’s going on in their minds, in their hearts, where are their emotions when all of these tragedies transpire? #recommended#lanarizdeldiablo #quito #huigra#afroacuadorian #noreturn#pagepublishing

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