The domestics by Mohanakshmi Rajakumar

0E3BB2B0-4008-4007-8CEB-84379F89B41BBook set in Doha. Qatar. Reviewed on 2020/06:

Three years reading and posting on IG and this is my very first book set in #qatar . #thedohmestics by #mohanalakshmirajakumar seems to be speaking about a phenomenon representative of the entire #arabiangulf region: the dynamics between #expats and #maids and locals. Or is it speaking about something bigger than that? The characters here grew on me after each short #vignette like chapter. I think #rajakumar aims at something deeper: our daily interactions. The women in this book are navigating these sets of rules and leaving unspoken that which they might have preferred to have said to each other in the first place. I wanted Rajakumar to go even deeper and darker into that left unsaid but somehow perceived. As much as in real life that bit left unsaid and somehow perceived is the gist of it all. Before everything comes falling down, shatters our worlds and we claim to not have seen it coming, the accumulation of all those details from our daily interactions and the missed opportunities are all that matter. Rajamukar touches upon this in this book, just not existentialist enough in my opinion. It’s still a captivating read! #qatari #qatariliterature #doha #gulf#humanrelations #missedopportunities

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