The drive by Yair Assulin

Book set in Haifa, Israel. Reviewed on 2020/09:

On its surface, #thedrive by #yairassulin seems to be about the symbiotic relationship between #israelis and their #army years. However, I think there is something deeper going on here. #assulin was using the #israeli army as an example to illustrate a deeper struggle that we all can identify with: hitting rock bottom. #yomkippur just ended in the corner of the world where I live. One of the #rabbinical interns at the amazing #highholidays services at @cbst_nyc spoke about #hittingrockbottom : hitting rock bottom multiple times, hitting rock bottom unaware that you are hitting rock bottom, hitting rock bottom right after you thought you were done with hitting rock bottom, feeling like you are the only one hitting rock bottom. The main character in The Drive feels in a never ending fall and no one seems to understand. To others, he is a troublemaker, a traitor and a wimp. Inside himself, he is indeed a mess. But somehow through that mess, he seems to find and follow his own light no matter what. #israeliliterature #haifa #militaryservice #newvesselpress #recommended #myview #חיפה #יאיר_אסולין #נסיעה #גמרחתימהטובה

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