The evenings by Gerard Reve

IMG_3644Set in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Reviewed on 2018/08:

I think #theevenings is the vivid example of two things. First, how much you need to take very cautiously however the publisher decided they’re going to market a book. If I read one more review about how this book is a hidden masterpiece of #europeanliterature , I’m going to throw myself under the next subway train. You don’t need a PhD in comparative literature or #dutch studies, to know that despite what they tell you, you are not reading a masterpiece. There’s no arguing with the near perfect writing skills of Mr #gerardreve . However the story itself, I just couldn’t care less about and much like my previous review this book was another example of #alienation veering on irrelevant and obnoxious. There is one aspect however which brings this book to another (excellent?) level and that brings me to my second point: what was going on in #thenetherlands when it was published in 1947 and Mr Reve’s personality. To write a book about #boredom and #nothingnessin a country which was literally ravaged by German occupation and famine a few years before was quite the gamble at least for regular people. That’s the trick here. Reve thrived in his #persona as the country’s #enfantterrible voicing what so many wanted to say and never dared. So at the end I might still #recommend this book but read it as the manifesto of a man who wanted nothing else but to confront, shake up and disturb our meaningless and empty lives. #recommended #pushkinpress#amsterdam #dutchliterature #dayafterday#deavonden #degrotedrie #darkcomedy#obnoxious

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