The first wife by Paulina Chiziane

IMG_7506Set in Maputo, Mozambique. Reviewed on 2018/12:

I do not like big books. There, I said it. Once a writer decides to go further than 300 pages, my librarian alarm goes off and my standards become higher and more strict. All this to say that the 500 pages from #thefirstwife felt as if they could have easily condensed this book into a couple hundred pages. I understand there is an overwhelming feeling of being trapped in an endless cycle of vicious #repetition which #paulinachizianewanted to portray. However that feeling could have been easily described compellingly in a metaphor or another allegory. It’s all a shame because #chiziane is certainly narrating experiences which all too normal and daily occurrences to #women everywhere especially where #poligamy is either legal or socially acceptable and even encouraged or imposed. I almost felt as if every woman represented a different region of #mozambique . So I appreciated and learned from the cultural, historical and social references and information. However I have to admit that the repetitive structure of the book killed my enthusiasm overall and the length of the book felt unnecessary. I still would like to read more from her in the future. She is considered to be the first #mozambicanwoman to publish a novel and a major literary figure in her country. #recommended #maputo #archipelagobooks#mozambicanliterature #mozambicanwomen#niketche #niketcheumahistoriadepoligamia#ataleofpolygamy #rami#JoséCraveirinhaPrize #moçambique#maputense

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