The flight of the cavalier by Brian Burland

IMG_2673Set in Bermuda. Reviewed on 2018/07:

I hate to sound so cliche. But this book was in so many ways something completely different from what I was expecting. On the one hand, it’s an #action packed and exhilarating read about a perilous trip. The dangerous and treasonous trends of the north #atlanticocean take center stage to hook us in and do not let us put this book down for a second. Like a boat adrift in the sea, I was suddenly swept away thanks of #burland ‘s engaging and captivating writing. He wants your attention and will relentlessly fight for it. How does he do it? It’s a healthy mix of twists, #nautical information and ALSO social and political critique. AND that’s when the unexpected, at least for me, showed up. #brianburland does not hesitate to bring the front the other #manmade forces creating and instigating a storm: #racism #misogyny and #antisemitism . In #theflightofthecavalierthe characters are there to also tell their own stories and perspectives and ultimately confront a world that has shun them and does not expect anything from them. Ultimately Burland brilliantly exposes a society riddle with discrimination and fear of the other and how much that same #hate prevents them from anticipating the #storm coming their way. Burland is arguably the most well known #bermudianwriter and I can’t wait to read more and more of his books. #highlyrecommended#bermudas #bermudianliterature #usa#hamilton #stgeorges #truestory #nyc

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