The frigate bird by Alistair Campbell

7B2FFAAD-AE19-462C-BD8A-51C3E6DF7A61.JPGBook set in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Redead on 2020/07:

Reviewed on 2019/03:

After the well-known African writers series and the Caribbean writers series, I was thrilled to stumble upon #heinemmann ‘s #series for #pacificwriters . And what can I say? #thefrigatebird by #alistaircampbell BLEW ME AWAY. What is this book? What is going on here? Where can I get more of it? I afterwards learned that #campbell was a #newzealandpoet and that definitely transpires in this text. It’s a #poetic voyage into the mind of someone who sees beyond reality, perceives the world beyond our mere 5 senses, someone in touch with the universe here, the one gone and the one to be. The main topic here is one that I’m very interested in: biracial upbringing, identity and #returning . Much like his friend and contemporary #albertwendt , #alistairtearikicampbell seems obsessed with the idea of permanently redefining what it is to come #home . The radical difference here is that in The Frigate Bird we are confronted with a man that more than just longing for people and a past, he interacts with his past in his present. In order to bring this fluid world to fruition, Campbell employs poetry, #magical and wondrous beings and visions which make you reconsider several times what exactly is happening in the story. Do not despair and do not try to rationalize everything here. Follow along his voyage and perhaps you might be able to arrive home without returning to anything at all. #bestbookofthemonth ? #highlyrecommended #pacificwriterseries#newzealand #cookislands#cookislandmaori #penrhyn #rarotonga

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