The garden of burning sand by Corban Addison

IMG_1134Set in Lusaka, Zambia. Reviewed on 2018/05:

#thegardenofburningsandis the literary equivalent of your favorite altruistic friend posting pictures on IG of his amazing #humanitarian work in Africa. You know by the 10th picture that despite his best intentions, it’s all about him and nothing else. It could have been #lusaka , Santo Domingo or Brooklyn. Your friend just wanted a few pictures of himself surrounded by black kids. Maybe this might just be my pretentious self talking, because after all Mr. #addison does have a following here in the States. I just wish that his readers would consider exploring other books as well once they are “awoken” to the plight of “Africans” as some of the reviews I read. As a lawyer, #corbanaddisonknows how to explain the facts and the actors. But where is Addison the writer? Nowhere to be found apparently. Maybe I’m asking for too much here. But why do you read? If you’re interested in exploring so-called “difficult issues”, social justice and inequality around the world, then I’m going to expect much more from a book than a myopic and journalistic state of the situation. #wantmymoneyback #zambia#notsogreat #injustuce #socialjustice#itsallaboutme #dogooders#savingtheworld #hownottohelp#washingtondc #next #whydoyouread#youortheworld #american

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