The girl from the garden by Parnaz Foroutan

IMG_5230Set in Kermanshah, Iran. Reviewed on 2018/10:

#myiranianweek includes Dalia, Parnaz, Goli, Sara, Négar and Zoya. Here we have Parnaz Foroutan. #thegirlfromthegarden is essentially a #beautiful and pristine book. Most of the books this week set in #iran are bound by history and external events. #foroutandecides to give her story a more intimate and personal angle. Her scope is more private and inward. I had the feeling that most characters are either whispering to each other or consumed with #internalmonologues which you get to psychoanalyze. Because the story is framed from the memories and recollections of the family’s #descendant living in #losangeles , there is a palpable desire to express and emphasize past feelings and ethereal impressions instead of facts and actual events. You need to keep that in mind. Because very different from Dalia Sofer yesterday, #parnazforoutan wants you to sense and to experience instead of to rationally understand anything. The emphasis here is on the heavy weight of that which was left unsaid despite of how powerfully it was endured. It’s clearly a #recommended book. Albeit a read which didn’t feel as complete as others in my #iranianliterature voyage. #ecco#kermanshah #iranianjewish#persianjewish #fairytale#emotionaljourney #debutnovel #heir#کرمانشاه

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