The girl in the road by Monica Byrne

30DBC61B-FABD-4E83-8D7B-BE3F593A30C7Book set in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Reviewed on 2020/01:

I finished this book a while ago, and I’m still trying to make any sense out of it. To be honest, something very fundamental in this story did not resonate with me, and at this point I have lost any interest in finding out. #monicabyrne is basically bringing two very captivating and interesting characters together to a place where I have no intention to go. I wish these two stories had been made into two separate books. I’m also not particularly fond of #scifi or #fantasy stories with #apocalyptic tendencies. Reading the news these days is all the apocalyptic I need in my life. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the two stories taken separately. However, I was very much uninterested in overly complicated stories that require a lot of extra work to find the key that solves all its mysteries. If this story resonated with you, please enjoy, love and share it. Personally, I do prefer stories which shine its deep intricacies from a deceivingly simple place. #notforme #finishedreadingagainstmywill #thegirlintheroad #byrne #broadwaybooks #sciencefiction #nextbookplease #mytbr #finallyread #djibouti #ethiopia #yourpath #trailtonowhere

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