The gods of tango by Carolina de Robertis

304A31FA-8B9D-4195-BE1C-3EDFAF3F54A0Book set in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Reviewed on 2019/06:

First things first. #carolinaderobertis is a highly accomplished and creative storyteller. Without a doubt! The premise here is extremely interesting from the very beginning. #derobertis weaves the story with enough twists and intrigue which will entice you more and more. However the keyword for me here was “enough”. It all felt just good enough and nothing too deep. #thegodsoftango feels like tipping your toes into the water just enough to know whether it is too cold or too warm. At some many instances, I felt like standing behind Leda or Dante and just throw her into the ocean. How does it feel to leave your family and the world you know behind and embark into the unknown? How does it feel to lose every single bit of hope and fall into despair in a completely different land? How does it feel to live your real self only through the mask of a dead person? Etc etc and etc. Unfortunately De Robertis refuses to search for these questions and instead we are left with a rapid turn of events and a predictable ending. The writer does fill the nearly 400-pages of this book with some other flashbacks of memories from back in #italy and a lost cousin which I still have no idea how it was all related and quite frankly I fail to care… Anyway read it for the ride of a story that it is and that’s it. I wouldn’t recommend it as a memorable or special read. #buenosaires #genderqueerlit#montevideo #tango #vintagebooks#vintage #womenslove #immigrants#italianimmigrants #milonga #santelmo#womenintango #crossdressing#carlosgardel

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