The golden age by Joan London

IMG_7107Set in Perth, Australia. Reviewed on 2018/12:

Despite its name #thegoldenage is at the end of the day not such a golden or picture perfect story. I chose this book primarily because it takes place in #perth . However it exceeded all my preconceived or nonexistent expectations. #joanlondon is gifting us with an obscene amount of #nostalgia #longing and #melancholy . Her pristine prose is both conducive to transport you to a particular period of time in a particular country and city, and also universal as it aims to draw attention to the humanity of all the characters. What fascinated me the most in this story is the way she created scenes showing how easy and elementary #notfittingin is. War, #polio and #refugees are obvious examples of not fitting in and feeling isolated. However I particularly enjoyed they way #london uses her master writing skills to highlight how we all share one way or another those same feelings of not being able to adapt or feeling #stuck or not fully choosing where we go without any visible marks to attest for us. I should also mention that this is not a visceral and excruciating read. It’s intense but in a slow-paced and plot-driven way. London wants you to somehow still believe in the possibility of #humanconnections especially on those we were not expecting anything at all. I personally think that her message of hope and solidarity makes this read a poignant and pressing one. #highlyrecommended #australianliterature #hungarianrefugees #europaeditions #jewishrefugees #poliohospital #integration #healingthrougharts #poetry

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