The good life elsewhere by Vladimir Lorchenkov

IMG_4530Set in Larga, Moldova. Reviewed on 2018/09:

After such compelling and quite depressing reads for a week now, I won’t deny that I delve into this book with enthusiasm and excitement. And after reading it, let me say that this book is funny in a #tragicomic #easterneuropean#russian way. There is no denying that the story depicted in #thegoodlife can be placed pretty much anywhere. #lorchenkovaims for the universal when you can easily draw similarities between #moldovansdreaming of #migrating to #italy or Central Americans migrating against all odds to the US or West Africans into France. There is without a doubt a human appeal which relies on perseverance, dreaming and hoping with a heavy doses of #wishfulthinking and heartbreaking. Despite its global altruism and empathy, you can’t simply ignore the intrinsically Eastern European #darkhumor going on here. #moldova native #vladimirlorchenkovwrote this book originally in Russian. Somehow you don’t need to be a native speaker of Russian to experience that even from this English translation. @new_vessel_press (which I love and you should check out ASAP) did an extraordinary job at translating this book and allowing the translation to retain the richness and intricacies of the original version. So I’m going to #highlyrecommend this book as it was a much needed change of tune before I delve into #myromanianweekend . #newvesselpress #larga #chisinau#vsetambudem #moldovanliterature#chișinău

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