The hairdresser of Harare by Tendai Huchu

IMG_1141Set in Harare, Zimbabwe. Reviewed on 2018/05:

I’ll tell you something. I was not aware of the fact that #zimbabweanliterature was so prolific, active and incisive. I believe I have 3 books set in #harare only for this month. With the rapid political changes happening in #zimbabwe and its upcoming elections this July, I really hope all these stories continue to bear witness to future generations of the atrocities committed in a not so distant past and how they can help to hope for something different. In the case of #thehairdresserofharare , #tendaihuchu is going for the #hopelessness in every day life in Harare. Sexy hopelessness, funny hopelessness, casual hopelessness. #huchuaims to remind #zimbabweans and all of us how much insanity and inhumanity we can all get used to and then casually go to the #beautysalon just like any other day. Routine sets in and you keep going on. You’re hooked on hopelessness. It has become a part of who you are… until it explodes all over inevitably. The only criticism I have here is the weak cohesion of those same instances of hopelessness. The ending seemed predictable and rushed. All in all I’m going to #recommendthis book to anyone interested in contemporary Harare and #zimbabwe and hopefully all these stories play a part in a more auspicious future. #ohiouniversitypress #lgbt #gayzimbabwe#familyissues #shona #singlemother#canada #hairdo #vivid

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