The house of hunger by Dambudzo Marechera

IMG_1198Set in Zimbabwe. Reviewed on 2018/05:

“There is nothing to make one particularly glad one is a human being and not a horse, or a lion, or a jackal, or come to think of it a snake. Snakes. There’s just dirt and shit and urine and blood and smashed brains. There’s dust and fleas and bloody whites and roaches and dogs trained to bite black people in the arse. There’s venereal disease and beer and lunacy and just causes. There’s technology to drop on your head wherever you stop to take a leak. There’s white shit in our leaders and white shit in our dreams and white shit in our history and white shit on our hands in anything we build or pray for. Even if that was okay there’s still sell-outs and informers and stuck-up students and get-rich-fast bastards and live-now-think-later punks who are just as bad, man. Just as bad as white shit. There’s a lot of these bastards hanging around London waiting to come back here and become cabinet members. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a pessimist, but I still add two and two and walk to the seven, smiling. You find friends and things happen to them, and the thunderstorm in their minds is staring incredibly out of their eyes. You mind your own business and the business springs up and hits you right between the eyes. You bang your head on the wall and the wall crumbles and there’s another wall and you wake up with the whole Earth one big headache inside your head.” …… That’s the #raw #beauty of #zimbabwe ‘s own #enfantterrible#dambudzomarechera . I can’t thank #heinemann enough and their #africanwritersseries for always daring to publish writers such as #marechera . #thehouseofhunger is not here to make you think or aware of any issues out of your comfort zone. Marechera’s writing doesn’t even have time for that. He will chop your head off and devour your soul in less than 2 pages. Don’t drink and read this book at the same time. That’s probably the best advise I can give you. And this tiny book of #shortstories comes obviously #highlyrecommended This is writing to feed your #id in a Freudian kind of way. #zimbabweanliterature #london#corruption #isolated #anti #madness#violence #harare

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