The impossibly fairy tale by Han Yujoo

IMG_6521Set in Seoul, South Korea. Reviewed on 2017/06:

Did you ever want to secretly kill your parents when you were a kid? Or your siblings? Or your jealous best friend? Or the one that bullied you during recess? If you answer yes to all of the above, go and see a shrink asap. Otherwise just a simple yes or a maybe to any of these questions should get you to want to read this book. This is a very honest and deep voyage into the minds and emotions of children. #yujoo aims to creat a very pure and infantile environment as a fertile ground for all feelings, including suffering, evilness and destruction. This #fairytalebecomes more and more #violent and #sadistic with the passing of pages like a good old fashioned #kidsplaygroundWeirdly enough, the book gets so real that at the end the plot becomes #dreamlikeand there is no way of knowing whether everything was actually a #dream instead of a series of killings and cruel acts… I adored it and give it a 10 out of 10. However this is not for everyone. The #fainthearted should refrain from reading. 🙂 #theimpossiblefairytale #hanyujoo #seoul#koreanliterature #southkoreanliterature#southkorean #children #childrensgame#childplay @graywolfpress @idlewildnyc #한유주 #불가능한동화 #서울

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