The kiss murder by Mehmet Murat Somer

819F92F0-183D-4BEA-BB63-D95B169402AFBook set in Istanbul, Turkey. Reviewed on 2019/05:

#thekissmurder is full of subtle critiques and one full-time savior. At least that is what I enjoyed the most here. #mehmetmuratsomer brings to the fore all the social and political malaise plaguing #turkish society and exacerbated with erdoganistan and even more political repression. Our stellar #dragqueen #detective can’t reach a conclusive end to her investigation because there is simply one too many problems on top of one another: sexual repression, corruption, greed, human trafficking, etc. Despite it all, our #audreyhepburn like #transvestitebattles through one betrayal after another to at least be able to enjoy her coffee, have a flint with a sexy policeman (where are all the #kenan s of the world! Hehehehehe) and have a good sleep. Personally I thought #somer went too much between easily explained #mysteries to completely inconclusive questions. But let’s not forget what’s most important here: having a positive drag queen character solving one murder at a time with #kickboxing and fashion skills in the middle of a society which is both repelled and attracted to her at the same time. There’s definitely something to be said about the power of daring to be debonair and camp and living your life they way you want to in the face of repression and violence. #recommended#istanbul #genderqueerlit#turkishliterature #hopçikiyaya#hopçikiyayapolisiyesi #thekissmurder#detectivefiction #turkishdelightmystery#busecinayeti

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