The labrador fiasco by Margaret Atwood

553ED66F-5763-4718-9197-3AAA4BD7CEB5Book set in Labrador, Canada. Reviewed on 2019/12:

My first encounter with #margaretatwood and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Definitely we keep with the overall theme of beautiful yet inhospitable in the 4-5 mini reviews at least until Iceland. Or maybe further? 40 tiny pages or so is all it takes for #atwood in #thelabradorfiasco to combine an intriguing #shortstorywith humanity in a mysterious #landscape . There are at least two main stories intertwined and at times competing for attention in this tiny book. However I was more attracted to what brought these stories together: the #labrador and its beautiful yet inhospitable, attractive yet elusive environment. The characters don’t seem to understand what befalls upon them. They have preferred to live life without expecting much. However life through their surrounding landscape expects more and more, demands more and more, takes more and more from them. I wish she had made this story a bit longer. But I guess I should also try to read her other more famous books. #recommended #canlit#canadianliterature #wilderness#bloomsbury #bloomsburyquid#shortstories #againstallodds#humanagainstnature#humanwithnature #beinglost

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