The last night on Bikini by Patricia MacInnes

DF60A243-ADBF-496C-898F-D97F990E26D8Book set in Bikini, Marshall Islands. Reviewed on 2020/08:

#thelastnightonbikiniby #patriciamacinnes took me by surprise, especially so the first few chapters. It’s about the rapid disintegration of a supposedly perfect and all powerful #american family and their denial and ultimate reckoning of their own inevitable fragility. In a place like the #marshallislands in the 1950s, they were supposed to be the masters of it all. #macinnes turns their diluted perceptions upside down and instead the reader is left with the weaknesses and shortcomings of each family member. What the author does best here is to connect the story of a seemingly all put together family with the similar story of a mighty yet fragile country. The US playing with #nuclearexperiments on the #pacificocean with a complete disregard for the people living there and the environment is at the heart of the book, not through the eyes of the victim necessarily, but through the eyes of the perpetrators. Drunk in their power and ability to kill, these families learn quickly that the trauma and hate perpetrated upon others consume them as well, and it ends up eating them alive. #recommended #bikini#marshallese #kwajalein #groundzero#debutnovel #americanimperialism#bikinian #atoll #familyissues#radioactive

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