The last time I saw mother by Arlene J. Chai

Book set in Manila, Philippines. Reviewed on 2021/07:

So it begins predictable and #telenovela like. Then it gets incredibly better in a #historicalfiction kind of way. And it ends back where it started. That’s it. That’s my #minireview . #thelasttimeisawmother by#arlenejchai should have been only two chapters: #emma and #ligaya which btw they’re also the longest. That leads me to believe that #chai also knew that’s where the story really is here. The Emma chapter can be made an incredibly powerful stand-alone novel, just like that. Instead Chai opts for mixing standard predictable stories with dramatic chapters in the #philippines history. The combo does not come together which it’s probably why each chapter is named after a different character. Again, the Emma chapter and maybe a bit of the following two would have made for a compelling story, instead you end with an ok story altogether. Personally I think #butforthelovers by #wilfridonolledo is one of the best #filipino novels ever, and has a similar story line. Link in bio. #filipinoliterature #manila #sydney #japaneseinvasion #fawcettcolumbine #firstnovel #familysecrets

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