The last will and testament of Senhor da Silva Araujo by Germano Almeida

IMG_0512Set in Mindelo, Cape Verde. Reviewed on 2018/04:

I’m not going to lie. I purchased this book only because #newdirections published it. I know nothing of #capeverdeanliterature and from what I read online #germanoalmeidais well known and widely read in his native country. I would be curious to know whether other #portuguesespeakingcountries know him too. That’s important to mention here because lately I’ve been loving several writers hailing from #lusophone countries in #africa Long endless sentences unraveling in a #dreamlike way, seemingly uncomplicated events colliding until at some point preferably at the end the reader gets to put all the pieces together of what it always was a very disturbing and dramatic plot. #almeida definitely hits it right there in a very similar way in which Pessoa or Lispector or Agualusa or Couto does. It’s also important to mention that lusophone literature throughout the world does not coincide because of some sort of a UNESCO like or Miss Universe party. These literary similarities within these countries exist because of a brutal, racist, inhuman and destructive system called #colonialismPortuguese as many other European societies projected their self grandiose world ideas onto other societies, and culture and literature were an integral part of that system. I will be talking more about this later on. However what I found more outstanding here with Almeida is his use of all of the above to create something new. Creating something new not to hide or forget what happened. But creating something new to heal, to survive and bear witness. #highlyrecommended #capeverde#mindelo #sãovicente#thelastwillandtestamentofsenhordasilvaaraujo#otestamentodosrnapumocenodasilvaaraujo #melancholy #portuguesecolonialism#testament #afterlife #capeverdean

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