The lathe of heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin

E9113557-9CBF-4A46-B2A2-3CFA07C41484Book set in Portland, United States. Reviewed on 2019/04:

Reading the one and only #ursulakleguin is my humble attempt at trying something new and read more #sciencefiction literature. I definitely appreciate science fiction’s smart and intricate #whatif scenarios trying to fill our meaningless lives. But I do have some issue when #scifibecomes obsessed with providing meaning or reasons to every single thing in the story. Then the text becomes either too obscure and complicated to follow or just too out there for no reason. I’m emphasizing this last point because I almost gave up on #thelatheofheavenwhen the flying and talking #turtleswearing #intergalactic suits enter the plot. Seriously, just why. Maybe penguins instead? Hehehe. I’m very much glad I continued reading because Le Guin is obviously going for something deeper and more timeless underneath it all. What is the purpose of striving for better or improving anything when you know you’re bound to fail? When you know what’s going to happen at the end, is it worth to continue the fight? I do think that she masterfully reveals and dwells on these questions in the first chapters. However the ending felt rushed and that’s when the science fiction part takes over to provide answers where perhaps there is just none at all. This book is considered a sci-fi classic from the 1970s and you can certainly see the ideals and vision of the time on the text. That was fascinating! #recommended#tryingnewthings #portland #oregon#doomsday #endoftheworld#whatdreamsmaycome #dreaming#nightmare #fatalist #scribner#americanliterature #ursulaleguin

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