The library policeman by Stephen King

Novella set in Cedar Rapids, United States. Reviewed on 2022/06:

I recently wrote a blog post enumerating some of the best examples of #evillibrarians in fiction. In my opinion, #stephenking wrote one of the most sadistic examples of an evil librarian: #ardelialortz . She is featured in one of the #novellas called #thelibrarypoliceman in #fourpastmidnight . Beyond the usual #scifi , #monster like and scary elements in every #king story, I think #lortz is particularly frightening because of the associations between #librarians and #lossofinnocence . The #libraries are places where we’re promised access to #knowledge and learning. But the path to knowledge and learning is hard work, full of rules, sacrifices and responsibilities. The #librarian safeguards and enforces that. King takes full advantage of that reality, mixes it with our collective imaginary and fears around knowledge and coronates it all with our individual internal children that we carry around with ourselves. King makes this #novella an almost impossible read due to the addition of a few scenes depicting child sex abuse. And that’s a trigger warning for all of you. I’d say, this is worth a read but be mindful of King’s captivating writing style and your own triggers. #recommended #scribner #junctioncitylibrary

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