The little red chairs by Edna O’Brien

30FBCAF4-CBC0-4458-9CBB-85AE1260902CBook set in Tuamgraney, Ireland. Reviewed on 2020/05:

This is more of a rant post than a mini review. So please feel free to ignore. I think that the amazing writers I’ve read before this month have broken me: #doladejong , #ginzburg , #alifarifaat , #friedaekotto and #bessiehead . Forget about this post and go read them instead. They deserve your attention and you won’t be disappointed. Meanwhile #thelittleredchairs by #ednaobrien is such a messy and uninteresting book that took me unprepared. Usually I tend to be very candid with stories and writers. Specially writers, I believe they have immunity to write whatever passes through their heads. However here, when you read the promised premise of this book and then actually read the book, well the story is simply not there. And instead of actually telling the story, #obrien spends more than 200 pages on something else devoid of any meaning or passion. I took a look at the publisher and say to myself: I should have known better. These midtown imprints of the same 5 big publishing houses are not worth your time. They are tentacles of the one and same machine. Once every five years, they publish something good and that’s it. You of course have the right to read whatever you want. But the problem is that these big publishers have a tremendous amount of resources and connections and networks to sell you their books. If you would like my recommendation, please stay away from these big publishers and big shiny hardcovers. Instead spend some time reading an immensely more powerful and complex novella from an indie publisher that will truly change your world. #nextplease#ineedmorecoffee #rantreview#indiebooksarebest #readindiebooks

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