The lonely londoners by Sam Selvon

IMG_3768Set in London, United Kingdom. Reviewed on 2018/08:

As with other countries on my account, I’ve decided to exclusively read books set in the #uk in particular #englandwhich only deal with the unabashed and preposterous racism and demagoguery in #british society from which #brexit is just the tip of the iceberg. I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect example in #thelonelylondoners by #samselvon . There are two levels of reading this book. You can veer towards the social and political critique which #selvon so masterfully and compellingly presents here. The scars of #racism , unfair treatment and abuses which still reverberates in British society specially when it comes to the #windrushgeneration and its descendants. Injustices do not just wash away specially when they are never acknowledged or talked about in the open or learned at school. They are simply repackaged and unwillingly or not passed to future generations until one day it all explodes and of course people claim to be clueless as to where it all came from. Sounds heavy, right? Yes, because it should! But actually #selvon does not aim to smash our heads with a political manifesto. He simply wrote an ode to #caribbean way of life and traditions, an ode to that ancestral Caribbean feeling which allows us to smile and dance and live no matter the ravages, the winds, the storms coming your way. That’s the #caribbean within you no matter where you are, no matter who you grow up to be. So of course this tiny book comes #highlyrecommended . However I would like to encourage everyone to read it in light of the rise of unapologetic racism and demagoguery in #britain . And if that’s too far away from you, please do read it as the hopeful and warm book that it is as well. #longmancaribbeanwriters #london#trinidad #jamaica #westindies#immigrants

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