The map of salt and stars by Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar

ABEEC864-02C2-4A35-A4E4-317C191DC5A4 (1)Book set in Homs, Syria. Reviewed on 2019/08:

My last book for now set in #syria takes the reader to #homs at least initially. Then half of the book is the intertwining story of two tales: one from Homs to #morocco and the other one from #ceuta to #jerusalem or the #levantmore or less. At its core #themapofsaltandstars is a #refugeestory, one that has been a constant since the beginning of times and somehow we still can’t grasp. I really appreciated #zeynjoukhadar‘s use of books, stories and maps to foment or create empathy and solidarity with realities which might seem alien, far away and distant from ourselves. The interconnectedness of all the stories be it current or past takes center stage in this book and provides a heartfelt platform for constant dialog among them. #Joukhadar also plays with deep self-reflection of both his main characters while they learn how to navigate a world which does not expect much from them simply because they are #women . Having said all this, at times the story felt overwhelming and confusing to try to find any commonalities or coherent connections between the two story lines. However at the end, it all comes together for #nour and #rawiya like a map recently found. Or does it? #recommended #syrianliterature#damascus #newyorkcity#refugeestory #syrian #atriabooks

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