The memory monster by Yishai Sarid

Book set in Majdanek, Poland. Reviewed on 2020/11:

#thememorymonster by #yishaisarid is a tiny yet gut-wrenching read. I believe I read it in one seat. However, it has taken me a few days to even make sense of it and write this mini review. It’s difficult to read this book and not feel a sense of dread and hopelessness. I think #sarid does a terrific job at exposing how one individual’s struggle with his own #trauma may clash with how society at large deals or not with the same trauma. It begs the question: have we all agreed to create this #monster to keep our #traumatic memories at bay? Because who likes to remember, right? Sarid goes to the heart of the question. Remembering makes us uncomfortable because the horror of it all reminds us how flawed we are, how capable we are of inflicting pain and torture, how unequivocally human it is to want to kill the other, annihiliate the other, to hate others or to just let it happen. This book reminded of #primolevi and some of his short stories as well. We have no answers in either of these books. Is the existence of these stories the only way forward? #highlyrecommneded #israeliliterature #jerusalem #auschwitz #treblinka #lublin #holocaust #shoah #restlessbooks #majdanek #yadvashem #yardennegreenspan #ישישריד #מפלצת_הזיכרון

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