The mountain and the wall by Alisa Ganieva

IMG_5643.JPGSet in Makhachkala, Russia. Reviewed on 2018/10:

The diversity of the region of #dagestan is the honor and main guest in this book. That’s probably what I cherished and appreciated the most in #themountainandthewall . With the considerable help of the glossary in the back and online sources, I managed to somehow work out the different groups and communities mentioned in the story. However everything seems to remain at that group level. Even the characters themselves seem to all be multiple voices of one body. I believe #ganieva was going for a way of showing how fluid these identities are and how they are simply used as a way to separate us and ultimately serve other people’s purposes. I get that. But I wished she would have made the characters more delineated. The story here is sure to please those in the #houllebecqbandwagon with some hints at #dystopianscenarios. Personally I was not engaged at all and it all felt forced to serve the writer’s ultimate goal. There’s no shortage of spectacularly and not so well known tragic events in this region of the world. Creating a #dystopia or #whatif story on top of those circumstances can be considered both ambitious or superfluous. #alisaganieva made me think I should have picked a nonfiction book instead. It’s an OK book after all. An interesting plunge into a #kaleidoscopic mosaic of cultures in the region. But that was it for me. #deepvellumbooks #makhachkala#dagestani #russianliterature#dagestaniliterature #fundamentalism#АлисаГаниева #avar #дагеста́н #kumyk#махачкала

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