The old man and his sons by Heðin Brú

10BDABF6-452D-4561-BC1D-BA16CE579740Book set in Sørvágur, Faroe Islands. Reviewed on 2019/12:

#theoldmanandhissons by #HeðinBrúis a good ending to what I have been marinating in the last 5-6 mini reviews about “beautiful yet inhospitable”. #bru brings attention to the human side of that coin. Yes, these stories take place in an environment which seems awesome and threatening at times to us. Nature is exactly what #nature is. We, humans are the ones giving it any meaning of being beautiful and brutal based on our own experiences. We give nature emotions and feelings which we feel or experience towards each other. #Hedinbru masterfully makes that comparison when describing “traditional” ways of life within #faroese culture and how they seem to erode with the passing of time. But do they really? I think it’s petty to see just yet another tale of a younger generation aiming for a change in the face of a modernity relegating or annihilating old ways of life. #Brú goes deeper than that and instead of linear, it all feels cyclical and ambiguous. This is a story to think about, and let it reveal itself slowly and gradually. #recommended #faroeseliterature#faroeislands #faroese#telegrambooks #Seyvrágs#Feðgaráferð #epic #johnfwest#Føroyar #Sørvágur

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