The orchard of lost souls by Nadifa Mohamed

IMG_7446 (1)Set in Hargesia, Somalia. Reviewed on 2018/12:

I feel that #theorchardoflostsouls is a rewarding read once you have accepted the #harrowing and endless traumatic events its characters go through. It’s not an easy read at the beginning and even after a hundred pages because of the repetition of #cruel and #tragic things happening to these three #women without having any end in sight whatsoever. #nadifamohamed writers beautifully and honestly about the lives of those surviving constant #brutalities and atrocities. #mohamed does not aim to hide anything, instead she strives for getting you closer to what #somaliwomen have always known and lived through. It’s also fast-paced story in describing and narrating these tragedies. Keep all this in mind while reading it. I believe that the rapid succession of such horrible events in the lives of these women is indeed the reason why the book has failed to attract readers in general. It’s a book that will demand some of your emotional energy for sure. #recommended #somaliliterature #hargeisa#mogadishu #revolution #civilwar#somaliland #farrarstrausgiroux #fsgbooks

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