The parting gift by Evan Fallenberg

090B0BEC-A4FB-4167-8209-8D4D741DEB3FBook set in Sdot Yam, Israel. Reviewed on 2019/08:

I have no idea what is going on in this book and quiet frankly I fail to care. One too many sexual scenes, uninteresting and one-dimensional characters, questionable taste on style, inconclusive twists and overtly complicated turn of events are among some of the flaws I felt while reading. I did find one point of interest in this book and that is #entitlement specifically #maleentitltement . #thepartinggift by #evanfallenberg is narrated from the sole perspective of a #selfabsorbedand #unreliable narrator. He’s completely narcissistic and so blissfully unaware of it that even when the word entitlement comes out, he believes it does not pertain to him at all… Needless to say, the only one in denial is himself… The refreshing part here was reading about a gay character who realizes that he can also fall prey to the claws of toxic masculinity when his own privilege goes unchecked. The narrator has it all going for him: comfortable socio-economic background, an American in #israel , white/Jewish/Ashkenazi . He’s #gaybut no one (at least not in this story) seems to have a problem with that. He’s so immersed in and addicted to the benefits of his own privilege(s) that it has to take an even bigger entitled #macho to make him realize that perhaps he has been living in la la land all along. Overall I wouldn’t recommend this book. I thought the flaws supersede anything interesting which comes out only sporadically. #telaviv #israeliliterature #obsession#acre #akko #otherpress #fallenberg#erotic #lust #gayisrael#toxicmasculinity

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