The persian boy by Mary Renault

IMG_7417Set in Chabahar, Iran. Reviewed on 2018/12:

This book was a million times better than the previous one also by #maryrenault which I read a couple of months ago. Despite the fact that it’s 400-pages long, #renault employs a captivating and fast paced writing style which is very conducive to get you turning pages without realizing it. Of course it’s #alexanderthegreat after all, right? Yes, indeed. However there is also the powerful mix of an already fascinating #history with the intriguing appeal of fiction. Another great component in #thepersianboy which I enjoyed thoroughly was the #geohistory or #historicalgeography vastly employed in describing Alexander’s war expeditions into the #middleeast #persia #centralasia and even #india . My book edition from #pantheon had two helpful #maps which allow the reader to closely follow the story as it unfolds. I wish there were even more and more maps. But perhaps that’s the work for another edition. Overall this is a book which I recommend people to read not really as part of the #trilogy and instead read it separately. It’s also good to remind people as Renault does herself at the end of this edition that this is afterall a work of #historicalfiction . Her grasp and knowledge of this period’s history is unquestionable. However it is as a I said a work of fiction and not a simple historical account of facts which no one seems to be 100% sure of anyway. #recommended#bactria #gedrosia #eunuch #bagoas

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