The post office by Rabindranath Tagore

IMG_7194Set in Panchmura, India. Reviewed on 2018/12:

This book is part of my humble and sporadic effort to discover more and more the intricate and prolific literary work of master #tagore . This book is at the end a simple and short #play which aims for a powerful #universal reach. And by universal I mean whatever the writer or the stage director or the #theater director or the reader or whomever considered universal. By that vague definition, universal can literally mean any group of people: those around you, those in your family, those in your culture and perhaps even those from other cultures, whatever your #universe is. The important thing is that in #thepostoffice there is a clear need to get the message across, to relate our emotions to each other and to empathize. After reading a few of his #shortstories and #plays , that seems like something central in the œuvre of #rabindranathtagore . My only wish is to be able to find a prettier and more comprehensive edition of his all or at least most of his work. I perhaps haven’t looked long and extensive enough. If anyone knows of one, please do let me know ASAP. I would love to read Tagore’s work extensively and soon in one single beautiful volume. The Post Office felt like an important albeit short step into my soon-to-come Tagore adventure. #recommended #bengaliliterature #indianliterature #devavratamukerjea #williambutleryeats #postoffice #kolkata #nobelprizeforliterature #nobelprizewinner #panchmura #nobelprizeinliterature

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