The Queue by Basma Abdel Aziz

Book set in Cairo, Egypt. Reviewed on 2021/07:

Stop whatever little book you’re reading and read this one instead. #thequeue by #basmaabdelaziz is the book. Well, it’s the story. It’s the story that needs to be told in every country, society and group. #aziz speaks to #egyptians and the rest of the #middleeast , the same way #kucinski spoke to Brazilians or #kertész to Hungarians or #zamyatin to Russians. And it suffices to take a quick look at the news to realize how incredibly unsuccessful these books are when creating any sort of change. #democracy is messy, demanding, constant change and perpetually fragile. Humans are incompatible with that. We are creatures that like security, consistency, comfort and routines and have a conflict somewhere else where we can choose one group and just blame the other for everything. Personally I think this type of books, we don’t deserve them. But also the ability to see us so transparently and to see through us makes them unequivocal evidence of the stupidity of the human experience. #highlyrecommended #egyptianliterature #egypt #melvillehouse #scifibooks #dystopia #الطابور #القاهرة

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