The raqqa diaries by Samer

F43FDAE3-D964-431D-BE9A-B7FCBE51D6B3Book in Raqqa, Syria. Reviewed on 2019/08:

And #samer (a #pseudonym ) finishes his #autobiographical story with the picture of a tree and saying this: “All we are left with is hope. Hope that our country will rebuild itself. Hope that the sacrifices made by our people will finally banish the cruelty and evil that has long stalked our land. For now, this is all we can do.” #theraqqadiaries is one of those books that will leave you speechless from the very first pages and won’t be able to stop reading. This book is the concrete proof that literature has a vital role to play when it comes to bear witness of how much terror, cruelty and evilness we are all capable of onto others and ourselves. Our anonymous writer uses his #survivaland resilient story to show how easy it is to fall onto the claws of anger and fear. And that’s the clear thing int his story. It’s so easy and comfortable and lazy and addictive to be angry and to be afraid and to separate and to ignore. The opposite requires relentless work, uncompromising motivation and willingness to expose yourself to people, experiences, things we don’t understand and might make us feel comfortable and vulnerable. Humanity has proven throughout history how appallingly uncapable we are at that. However just as Samer wisely says, hope and I’d add literature keep us hanging and trying. I can’t thank enough the amazing people @interlinkbooks for all these stories. This book and so many they have published are that hope we so greatly need. #highlyrecommended #hope#interlink #interlinkbooks #syria #syrian#syrianliterature #nonfiction#autobiography#escapefromislamicstate #raqqa#damascus #alshatqiya24 #الرقة #دمشق

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