The reactive by Masande Ntshanga

C84F3797-E070-4C8C-A98D-79C38CF7E8F2Book set in Cape Town, South Africa. Reviewed on 2019/10:

Last #minireview of the month! The #armchairtraveler in me immensely rejoices at the fact that we have arrived in #capetown as my gare terminus for this month’s literary trip. You realize very quickly in #thereactive by #masandentshangathat the book is plagued with a sense of doom, of missed opportunities, of impossible expectations, of broken dreams. The new #southafricaemerging from the ashes of #apartheid seems not to completely take off, or at least not for everyone. Those left behind need to face metanarratives that do not explain their own malaises. This recipe for disaster is at the heart of The Reactive, mostly in the form of #drugs , #addiction . If you read my mini review from yesterday, obsessions seem to once again take the lead in my readings. Both books dare to portray a seemingly new country facing the same old problems with a new name. I did have some issues with #ntshanga ‘s slow pace and repetitive dialogues and scenes. However this is overall a writer I would like to read and discover more from. #recommended#southafricanliterature #capetown#twodollarradio #debutnovel#twodollarradiobooks #noturningback#aids #arv #searchformeaning

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