The scent of rain the Balkans by Gordon Kuic

11AB7853-9A11-442A-AC90-99401ECCCD7ABook set in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Reviewed on 2020/05:

What can I say about #thescentofraininthebalkans by #gordanakuic ? This is a tender, endearing albeit repetitive and predictable story. Unless you are interested in #sarajevo or #bosnia or #yugoslavia or the #balkans in general, there is really no reason for you to read this book. I read it because the #salomfamily depicted in the book is a #ladinospeaking #sephardic family. It reminds me of the Escribanos and Gomez in my family. #kuic writes some beautiful passages specially when she is comparing the city of Sarajevo to its never-ending winters and tortuous history. However, the character development when it comes to the siblings, especially the sisters, is weak and tiresome, in my opinion. At different stages, the story itself feels like something you have read before. Well, because you literally did read a extremely similar passage a few pages back just with different names. Again, unless you are somehow connected with the history and the setting, there is no reason for you to pick up this book. It’s a #historicalfiction story too lightly written and not much deeper when it comes to the life stages which the sisters go through. A Sephardic #telenovela happening in Sarajevo . #sephardicjews #alnaripublishing#richardwilliams #gordanakuić #kuić#betweenwars #Miris mkišenaBalkanu

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