The sea by Blai Bonet

IMG_6525Set in Palma, Spain. Reviewed on 2018/03:

Apologies for the over-sharing today. But I’m just a few days and books away from finishing this month’s #mediterranean edition and I want to feature as many reads as possible… So when it comes to #thesea by #blaibonetI’m going to concentrate on three words: #sex #religion and #spirituality I feel that these are the #coreelements of what’s going on here. However #bonet gives these matters the #genius treatment with extreme #metaphors and thus creating an atmosphere of sheer #brutality and #piercing beauty. Everything is felt, perceived and longed for in the most extreme ways. Although the prose isn’t. The “simple” metaphors allow you to feel the #intensity of what’s going on without feeling exhausted or subjugated. However I had to stop myself several times and reread a few passages because of that “symbiosis” between the sophisticated metaphors and the constant presence of death and killing. The greatness here is that Bonet’s pristine and elegant writing “hides” animalistic and predatory forces which are not antagonistic at all. They are an intrinsic part of the seemingly sleepy and debonair setting and more so when the characters set their repressions free. #catalanliterature#spanishliterature #palma#palmademallorca #baleares#dalkeyarchivepress #elmar

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